1. ​Quiet time is from 11pm to 7am ​(strictly enforced)
  2. ​NO pitbikes of any kind
  3. ​This is a family oriented sport and we all want to have a good time; we reserve the right to protect the rights of all our guests for the benefit and safety of all 
  4. ​Only one vehicle is permitted per site for each pit area; check the main gate regarding 2nd vehicle parking
  5. ​Parents are responsible for their children's actions; they are to be at your site during quiet hours
  6. ​Bicycles are to be used during daylight hours only (no pit bikes)
  7. ​For everyone's enjoyment and safety, all campfires must be extinguished by 12 midnight
  8. ​Liquor on your own pit site only (no walking around the park please, underage drinking is not permitted)
  9. All track buildings are non-smoking
  10. ​Pets are to be: on a leash, not left unattended at any time, quiet at all times, kept out of all buildings, put in your camper at night and cleaned up after promptly
  11. ​SAFE, SLOW DRIVING IS A MUST ​for cars and bicycles; please observe the 5 MPH speed limit on all roads
  12. Helmets must be warn at all times while on bikes. 
  13. Please do all your riding ON the track.


  • ​Please respect other crews, families and riders
  • Please do not travel through other pit sites on way to other areas of the track or pit area

 Rules for race day/weekends

Tel: (506) 878 - 1365 

45950 homestead road, Salisbury, New Brunswick